Injury Prevention - Growing Smarter Athletes

Something that I am proud about is that my family is active.  We all have our own forms of fitness that make us happy, which is even better!  

Izzy loves dancing.  This girl fell in love with it a few years ago, thanks to the best babysitter ever!  I'm thrilled to see Izzy's smile when she talks about dance, practices her moves, and even more - the smile when I pick her up.  You know that smile.  The dancer's high.  For me, it's the runner's high.  But Izzy - it's definitely a dancer's high.  

Tucker, on the other-hand, LOVES soccer!    He's been playing soccer since he was 4 years old in our Boys and Girls youth league, made the 7th/8th grade middle school team this fall and is currently playing indoor soccer with a local league.  

One thing that makes me nervous is his safety.  Tucker's a smaller kid for his age.  Huge feet (size 9 men's) but barely 5 feet.  Most kids in the 7th grade tower over him!  For this indoor soccer league- he's playing again some other kids who are nearly 6 foot tall!

Storelli Next-Gen Soccer Protection, a new soccer equipment was developed to protect and not interfere with your athlete's performance.  The BodyShield is has a great design to it - as it acts more like a second-skin under your kiddo's jersey while adding some much needed protection.  Because soccer really is a contact sport.  As a mom and teacher, I've seen more kids injured this past year playing soccer.  

I'm bummed the ExoShield did not fit Tucker as I'd love to see some added protection for his head during his indoor soccer games this winter.  The smaller "field" means the ball is moving faster and harder.  Those boys are hitting that ball with so much more force and it's a bit worrisome.    

Can you imagine what it will be like with the added protection for all of our athletes?  Could we possibly see a decrease in injuries?  I'm hoping so!  I'd love to see them continue to play their favorite sports and be absolutely FEARLESS in their endeavors.


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