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Spring into prAna

If I could live in running clothing all day long, I would be a happy person.  I have a strong dislike for "regular" clothing or as I often refer to as "work" clothes.  I change my outfit several times every morning and as soon I come home from school, I'm changing.   

But when I found prAna, I found happiness in the world of "work" clothes that didn't make me feel uncomfortable. I actually found clothes I wanted to wear all day long.  Clothing that looked great.  Felt great.  Soft.  Moveable.  Clothing I could actually do yoga in or chill out at home and relax in.  

Or I can just do wheel when the students leave.  I am finding I love to do wheel in my classroom....while wearing prAna.  Coincidence?  Hmmmm...... wheel kinda looks like a parabola to me... guess I can start incorporating it into my quadratics unit! I bet my students would LOVE that.   Or not.  But I would LOVE teaching them about it with wheel.  So, I guess at least I would win! 


Who Do You Run For? Help me Fundraise for Miles for Miracles

My cousin sent me a link the other day for IR4.  I had seen tons of posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram....  with hashtags #irunforMichael or basically anyone who cannot run who has touched you in someway, so you dedicate your running for them.  It's a heartwarming movement that I have done time and time again when I run a virtual race of one fundraiser or another, or when a fellow runner has been sadly killed while out on a run.  That is one of the things I love about the running community.  We take our running and dedicate those miles for the good, for someone we love, and while we're doing that, we're doing something we love.  Mostly.  

It got me thinking.... who do I run for?  The first person who comes to mind is my mom.  She was not a runner.  Not even close.  But she's no longer with us and I feel very much connected to her when I run.  I feel like she's with me every step of the way...the good and the bad.  While Tucker was going through the surgeries …

Smoothies Smoothies Everywhere!

I seriously love smoothies!  They are what gets me through each and every single day.  To me, a smoothie is the best way to cram all of the nutrients into one, convenient serving that will fuel me for breakfast or lunch!  I've been doing two smoothies a day since the fall.

It's almost like Manitoba Harvest had me in mind when they made their newest Hemp Protein Smoothie mixes.  A creamy blend of HempPro 70 protein powder with organic harvest greens (organic spinach, kale and broccoli).  

Each 30 gram serving contains 15 grams of plant-based protein and is slightly sweetened with organic coconut sugar.  

And the flavors?   Mixed Berry, Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate.  A great variety and ALL delicious.  

Lunch?  If it weren't for a shaker bottle, and protein powders, and almond or cashew milk... this girl would be hungry!  My lunch literally takes me seconds to make.  Scoop in my Hemp Protein Smoothie powder into a shaker bottle I already put cashew milk in....shake and drin…

What I Ate Wednesday + GIVEAWAY!!!!

This past fall I experimented with a cleanse - which means I took dairy, gluten, coffee and sugars out of my diet.  For that time, I felt amazing.   Then I gradually added gluten and dairy back into my diet.  Sadly, my body revolted.   Coffee was making me sick.  Like really sick.  I have found that cold brew coffee and green tea are now my caffeine sources.  I'll take it!  I also found that gluten didn't really agree with my stomach.  When I splurge on that seriously amazing tasting whoopee pie, my body revolts.  Like it did last night.  It was bad.  So bad.  But I love bread!  

Gluten free breads in my area is kinda hard to come by.  You can buy UDI's at the grocery store, but that's really your only option.  Unless you are lucky and get to the local food coop we have downtown.  Which is somewhere I normally do not frequent, but I guess I have to now...because I have found the BEST gluten free bread ever there.  And I mean THE BEST!  So now that I found them, I'…

Livin' The TASClife

Welcome to hump day! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far!  Spring is here.... but I'm in Maine.  So spring can mean any kind of weather, and I'm sure mother-in-nature has plenty of variety in store for us!  We started off spring with gorgeous blue skies.  Then the next day we snow and rain. Thankfully, the snow melts quite quickly (most of the time) and the end of the school year is in sight!  

This winter, I had some fantastic news.  I was accepted as a Tasc Performance Ambassador.  So what does that mean?  It means I get to be spoiled with amazing, gorgeous, comfortable clothing that is great for ALL activities - running, yoga, cycling, errands, work...sleep.  

You name it.  Tasc Performance has something for you!  

As the tags above say - Tasc Performance is made from natural materials.  It wicks moisture, protects you from the sun, doesn't trap in odor, is incredibly breathable and is super lightweight.  

I could LIVE in Tasc Performance.  I want to wear it e…

Staying Active While Sick and Staying Sane

Being sick is no fun! This week I had a really awesome back-to-back series of illnesses.  The stomach-bug hit me hard Tuesday/Wednesday and then I came down with an awful cold.  Which meant that I ran 1 time this week.  In the grand scheme of things, that's not a big deal.

It's taken me a long time to accept that it's okay to not push it and run through illnesses.   I've also gotten better at reading my body.  I used to push through a cold.  And sometimes I do.  Actually, sometimes running with a head cold does help me feel better.  But when I feel that cold settling into my chest, I know to steer clear of the running and take care of myself - being the asthmatic that I am and having a history of pneumonia and bronchitis.  
So what does one do when you are sick and want to be active?  

Remember, you're body is sick.  If you are contagious.  Keep your body home and away from others so you're not spreading your germs.  Be aware of that.  If you do go out, please…