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Tried It Tuesday #BeTrueToYourCore Review + Giveaway

Disclaimer: As part of my relationship with Fit Approach, I received a case of CORE Hydration for review and giveaway purposes.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

Did you know one of the most important step to health and well being is hydration?    And even better!  It's the easiest steps too!
Not only does hydration regulate your temperature, rather helps transport important nutrients to provide you with energy.  If you are not properly hydrated, you will not perform at your best level.  

Everywhere I go, I have a bottle of water with me.  Car rides, my classroom, staff meetings, track practice, gym.    It's super simple to grab a bottle of CORE® Hydration and sip away.  All day long.  

CORE® Hydration is a water like no other.  It's ultra-purified, using a 7 stage propriety process which includes U.V, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and ozonation that removes harmful impurities and contaminants.   

CORE® Hydration is perfectly balanced with e…

Friday Favorites!

This week seriously hit me like a big old Mac truck!   I had been dealing with a slight cold for a while.  Monday morning I woke up feeling a little sluggish... by the end of the day, my chest felt like it was full of concrete, I couldn't stop coughing, and I had a fever of 103!  Craziness!  
I've been here before, too many times!  I'm super thankful that my insurance company using an app that allows me to "call in" and video chat with a doctor on call.  I share my medical history, medications and all that jazz, and for my $15 copay, I get to "see" a doctor without having to wait until my regular dr can fit me in.... sometime in the next week or so... and I avoid driving to Urgent Care and waiting for who knows how long.  Since I have a documented history of bronchitis, it's pretty simple for a doctor to see that and prescribe me the medications needed.   This is the 2nd time I've used it and I'm pretty much in love with it.  I was skeptical…

Feel.Amazing.Everyday. with Amazing Grass

I received a container of Amazing Grass Protein Superfood through my association with FitApproach. All opinions are my own.

There is something about SUPERfood that has me excited! So when Amazing Grass created their Protein Superfood, I had to see what it was all about.

First impressions go a long way. And I was 100% impressed with this package from Amazing Grass! The cutest ball glass jar with glass straw, prAna yoga towel, sweet bag and Amazing Grass Protein Superfood - Pure Vanilla.

I knew it! Packed FULL of SUPERfoods! Where else will you get all of these delicious and healthy ingredients in ONE spot? Yeah.... only with Amazing Grass!

I have been feeling amazing while drinking my Amazing Grass smoothies daily. They are super simple to make and taste amazing every single time.

So, when do I drink my Amazing Grass smoothies?  Breakfast AND Lunch EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

My MOST favorite combination.   Cold brew coffee + Amazing Grass Protein Superfood (Pure Vanilla).  Shake…