Friday Favorites!

This week seriously hit me like a big old Mac truck!   I had been dealing with a slight cold for a while.  Monday morning I woke up feeling a little sluggish... by the end of the day, my chest felt like it was full of concrete, I couldn't stop coughing, and I had a fever of 103!  Craziness!  

I've been here before, too many times!  I'm super thankful that my insurance company using an app that allows me to "call in" and video chat with a doctor on call.  I share my medical history, medications and all that jazz, and for my $15 copay, I get to "see" a doctor without having to wait until my regular dr can fit me in.... sometime in the next week or so... and I avoid driving to Urgent Care and waiting for who knows how long.  Since I have a documented history of bronchitis, it's pretty simple for a doctor to see that and prescribe me the medications needed.   This is the 2nd time I've used it and I'm pretty much in love with it.  I was skeptical at first.  But now.... yeah.  It's amazing!   Within 30 minutes I was at my local pharmacy picking up my prescriptions.  Pretty simple.  Pretty amazing.  

Have you ever used an app like that?   

All I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep for the rest of the week, but I held strong and probably made it worse.  Tuesday - my middle school track team had a meet and I had to be there.  I could handle walking around with a clipboard, right?  

Well, sorta.  And then I promptly passed out when I got home.  Wednesday, would have been awesome to stay home and be sick... but nope.  I had to co-lead a professional development workshop at school.  Darn responsibilities!  By Wednesday evening, I was spent.  So I finally listened to my body and took yesterday and today off from school.  I was on the fence about today, but then Izzy woke up with a fever, and I knew I couldn't send her to school.    

My view for most of the day.... Izzy passed out on the couch,
Mallie keeping her "safe' while I coughed my brains out and caught up on grading papers and planning.  

So, if the recovery continues the way I want it too.... and the way it usually does with me and bronchitis, I can still run the Sugarloaf 15k this Sunday!  I've never run this race before....and I'm super excited!  I've done the marathon before... but not the 15k.  (fingers crossed!) 

A major favorite part of my week was actually Sunday.    What was a dreary, chilly, Mother's Day, turned out to be pretty awesome. We started out with Tucker's soccer game.  

his coach added a nice touch and had the kids bring roses to their moms....  great job, coach!
Then afterwards we drove out to Fort Popham, to watch the seals.  Something I enjoyed doing with my mom when I was growing up.... and something I find to be quite comforting and soothing.  And to be able to share that experience with my own family, makes it even more special.... plus I felt closer to my mom on Sunday too.  

The beauty about living in Maine is that we get to enjoy these cool, foggy days at the beach too.  While it was chilly, it was fun!  

A few weeks ago I upgraded my Garmin....  yep.  After 3 years of my cute purple Garmin 10, I decided I needed a new and improved Garmin.  So I went for it.  I bought the Garmin 235.  I'm in love with it!  And I'm probably addicted to the HR and my daily steps.  I might have a contest going with some of my advisees as to who will have more steps in a day.  I might win almost every day.   

paired perfectly with my Momentum Jewelry wrap

I'm chip lover through and through.  This week, I received a new Influenster Box... and inside there was this bag.  AMAZING!  Spicy, salty.  Perfection.  It might have been inhaled in one sitting.  Oops.  That is why I do not purchase chips anymore.  I have zero control when it comes to chips.  

If you are a fan of chips, get them!  SOOO good!  Thank you, Influenster!  

And while I'm praying that I'm well enough to run the Sugarloaf 15k on Sunday, I decided to fix up my playlist.  I heard the newest Justin Timberlake song and had to have it, which then prompted me to create a new playlist.  So here it is! 

So, that leads me to what in the world am I going to wear????  I'm thinking definitely Spandits!  ProCompression.  Headsweats.  Altra.  Momentum Jewelry.   And my Garmin 235.  My standard running attire.   And with my collection..... of all of the above (well, I only have one Garmin).... but with the rest, the race outfits possibilities are endless!    

What have your favorites been lately?  


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