Here I Go! Only One Hill! I'm FREAKING excited!

The day is almost here.... the day I've been training for the past couple of months.  

Tomorrow after school I'll be heading off to Mount Washington for a small little race.  You know, no big deal.... just 7.6 miles ALL UPHILL....  for the Mount Washington Road Race.     

How does one prepare for a 100% incline race?   I've been putting in a ton of time on the treadmill on 100% incline runs.  Lots of and lots of those.  My favorite workout was run @ 10-12% incline for 0.3miles, power walk at @14-15% for 0.2 miles.... and repeat. 

I've been doing lots of leg strengthening as well.  Because they are going to be working so HARD on Saturday!  

Because let's be honest, there are some super steep parts where power walking is going to be much more efficient.  I found that out last year when I ran it for the first time!  I've set a goal of sub 1:50.  Last year I squeaked in just under the 2 hour mark.... so we shall see if this year's training has paid off!  No time to doubt my training.  It's time to relax, pack.... and fuel.

There weather is going to be what it's going to be.  That's part of the Mount Washington experience, right?  So, I'm bringing options.  Of course.  I do know that there will be a few pairs of Altras in my bag, several pairs of Spandits, and lots of ProCompression socks to choose from.  I'm hoping I can rock my Embrace The Hill tank....  but if not, I have other sleeved options that are going in the bag!  

Maybe something from this delivery will make it on my feet for Saturday?  I love ProCompression!

And there will also be some Momentum Jewelry action going on with my Garmin 235!  

AND I'm going to have a stash of SOS Rehydrate with me..... drinking SOS all day Friday AND Saturday morning!  

Let's do this thing!  

And when it's all said and done... and when I get to the top.... I'm going to bundle up like this.  


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