Three Things Thursday

Happy Fall everyone!  I do love fall.  The beautiful change of the leaves, the crisp air, the pumpkin-flavored everything and apple-flavored everything.  It's a great time of year!  

This afternoon Tucker had a home game and they won!   I love to see the progress of a team as they learn how to pull together to play as a team.  

And I'm super impressed with my own kiddo.  He's really pushing himself this year and becoming much more aggressive on the field.   He's definitely working hard and it shows.  

The new Spandits prints are here!   I'm in love with the Calavera and Flash prints.  Actually, I ordered them a few weeks ago when we had the preview of prints to come.... and hopefully my order will be here soon!  I cannot wait to show off my newest Spandits!   

Remember, if you order Spandits, use SPANDITSLOVE for 10% off and tell the ladies Jen B sent you!!!!  

It's taper time.  I'm driving myself absolutely NUTS!  and I'm pretty sure I'm driving everyone else around me nuts as well.   I'm trying to stay calm and relaxed, but I'm failing miserably.   

My plan called for two shorter runs this week, which is never enough to ease the mind, but SO needed to give the body time to recover.  I also went to yoga Monday night and I'll be going to a yoga class tomorrow as well.   I need to recenter myself and treat my body to a stretch.       

We will see how this training cycle pans out this Sunday at the Clarence DeMar marathon!  I'm excited and freaking out.... all at the same time.  My motto going into it is definitely this....

Nothing complicated at all.  Just go out there and make it happen.  I'll be wearing my Make It Happen   Momentum wrap as well.  Of course.  


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