Running With RunLites

Fall is HERE!  While I love the crisp cool air, the gorgeous colors as the leaves change, all of the pumpkin and my fall marathons. 

 It's sad to see the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter.  There just isn't enough time in the day! Which leaves us runners with less time to get our run done during daylight.   That's why RunLites are amazing!

look at how bright that light is!  

I'm normally not one to run at night.  Especially long distances.  However, I will go out for a shorter distance at night.  There is something about the fresh air and a run after a long day that is quite relaxing.   

I admit it.  I am nervous about running at night.  I need to know that I will be seen by an oncoming car AND I need to know that I can see where I'm going.  RunLites are amazing.  I get tired of carrying things on my runs.  

But what if I put on some fingerless gloves with a light.  My hands don't get overheated... I can direct where i want the lights.  The lights are super bright.  Cars can see me.   It seems to me that this is a winning kind of situation?  

Look at how bright these lights are?  Even in the foggy area, they were super bright and I felt like I could see quite well.   I had my photographer take photos of me before it got TOO dark so you could see me a little bit.  

How do you handle shorter days with running?  Do you have a favorite way to "light" your run? 


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