Gifts Under $25 for the runner in your life


Let's start with the top (of your head).  Headsweats has been a favorite of mine for years! 

 My go-to Headsweats is the Velocity Visor - in white or black.  But I do spice it up every no and again with another fun Headsweats piece.   

This Trucker!   It will be the best holiday hat this season!   I cannot wait to wear it at the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in a couple of weeks.  Use RUNNINGWTG to save 25% off your order.  

Momentum Bracelets 

There is nothing better than wearing something with a motivational saying to get you through some of the tough workouts.   

My Momentum Bracelet collection has grown since the photo above.  You can say it's an addiction.  I love choosing the motto (or two!) that will get me through each day/workout/race.  I wear them to work all of the time and get so many compliments.  

I've loved the share the Spark campaigns Momentum has run this year. Have someone special in mind who has worked super hard to get to their first 5k? Someone who busted their butt to get that PR? Or even someone just starting their fitness journey. Share the Spark with that someone special with one of these fabulous gifts!

SOS Rehydrate

Keep your runner well hydrated with SOS Rehydrate.  Think IV drip in a delicious drink.  That's SOS Rehydrate.  A 20 count of SOS in citrus, berry,  mango, or coconut will cost you about $17.50.  SOS rehydrate can be purchased directly through Amazon as well, which means those Amazon Prime lovers out there can get stocked up super fast!  

Or if you are a dash fan, or your runner friend is a dash friend, SOS rehydrate has the dash button option. You can program your favorite flavor and just push that button.   

AND, for the super SOS rehydrate addicts, like myself, there is a Subscribe and Save option for SOS.  You save some $$ and you don't even have to click a button, it just arrives at your house with your other necessities.  What in the world would I do without Amazon and their Subscribe and Save or Dash buttons?!  

GoodR Sunglasses
Hands down.  The best sunglasses I've ever worn.   So much my favorite, the husband and I fight over them.  So, I had to buy another pair.  No slip.  No bounce.  Polarlized.   Super cool.  And the cost won't break the bank.   Priced at $25, they are perfect.  And if you sign up for their newsletter, you'll save some money too!

Did I mention they are amazing?  Yeah.  They are.  You need these even if you don't run.  And they've added a ton of great color combinations.  Time to spice up your sunglasses collection!  

Now, time to shop!!!!!



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