T-Minus 4 Days!

The day is almost here!    The day I get to line up with 49,999 of my closest friends in NYC and run 26.2 FREAKING miles!  

All of the training has lead up to this day.   All of the miles.  All of the strength training.   It's all come down to this Sunday!   

My Children's Hospital #MilesForMiracles singlet is ready!!!!  I'm super pleased with how it came out.   I took it to our local print shop - Elliot Office Products, explained my wants and they did the rest, all for just $8.  FABULOUS!    And I didn't have to use a sharpie.   

2 weeks ago, I had my last long run.  It was a huge, epic failure.  Like tears, run/walk, more tears.  It was a death march.   I had SO much doubt and fear in my head.   Honestly, it's taken me a bit to regroup from that horrible run, but I feel much better and I KNOW I've done the work.   And plus, the bad run is out of the way..... so onto NYC!   

I've picked out my two Momentum Bracelets I'll be wearing for the big day!   I freaking LOVE Momentum Jewelry.   

I have my stash of UnTapped and Honey Stinger all set too.  

This week is all about taper and easy runs.   I WISH my singlet matched these socks.   I am now obsessed with this #twopairdontcare look.   I have several sock choices out and ready to go for Sunday.  I'm sure I'll change my mind several times.  All I know is that I WILL have on ProCompression socks.  

I'm stocked up with SOS Rehydrate too.   And I can restock with just a click of the button now as well!   So exciting!  

And now for the last few days, I'll do a shake out run or two and lots of yoga.  

And then lots of rolling.     I'm ready.  I've got this.  Who knows what the day will bring.    I don't really care what my time is.  I'm leaving my Garmin in Maine.  I'm going to let go and enjoy.  

If you want to track me - download the app here and follow me.  My number is 22184.  Eeek!  It's really happening!  

Happy Running! 


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