Why I Love Running on The Treadmill

This post is sponsored by Matrix Fitness. All opinions are my own.

Runners are often known for their toughness.  Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain - they are outside in the elements getting their run in.   Some days those runs make you feel incredibly strong; other days, not so much.     I admire those runners who still get out there in the elements and bust out a workout.  I do!   However, for me, I’d much rather get in a quality workout at home in much better conditions.    I used to gasp at thinking about running longer than 5 miles on the treadmill.  It just seemed so boring.    

However, overtime and with lots and lots of practice, I have found some great tips that get me through any kind of run on the treadmill.    And fitness companies, like Matrix Fitness are making treadmill running much more enjoyable!   

First of all, instead of dreading your run on the treadmill, think about how you get to wear shorts and a singlet on a -10F day, because you’re running inside!  I don’t have spend 20 (or more) minutes finding your gloves, neck gaitor, hat, wool socks, windproof tights, and  jacket.    Instead, I put on my shorts, tank, grab my water, gum and head down to the basement - to my own personal gym and enjoy my run!  


Speed workouts rock on the treadmill.  When my coach gives me a speed workout, I fret about it because I feel like I won’t hit my targets on the road.  But on a treadmill, I control the pace with a few clicks of a button and because I’m stubborn, I get that interval at whatever pace I need to do, because I won’t change the speed until the time or distance is up.  

Actually, I have found that even for an “easy” run on the treadmill, running any kind of interval run makes time pass by so much faster!   Here is an example of one of my favorite “easy interval” runs:   warm up 1 mile/ increase speed up 1.0 mph  for 1 min/ recover at easy pace for 30 seconds/increase speed up 1.5 mph for 1 min/ recover at easy pace for 30 seconds/ increase speed up 1.0 mph for 1 min/ repeat/then cool down.    


Matrix treadmills have the Sprint 8® cardio workout program already installed.   This program helps you take your HIIT training to the next level.  Yes, HIIT.  HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training and I love it.  Most of the time HIIT workouts are short but focus on super high energy intervals to maximize your time on the treadmill.  Some users have actually experienced a 27% body-fat loss in just 8 weeks without changing their diets while using the Sprint 8® cardio workout.  

I have logged many 20 milers on a treadmill.  How?  By entertaining myself.  No way could I hop onto a treadmill and crank out 20 miles without some form of entertainment.  Hello Netflix!   And Matrix treadmills have that app on their screen so you can get sucked into a the Gilmore Girls or any series and just start from the beginning of the series and just run your heart out!    

Are you a fan of the treadmill? What tips do you have to get your through treadmill miles?


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