Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!  

Normally I do a great job tracking my mileage.  I have a great app on my phone that is super easy to track with.  However, I failed big time by not backing it up when I upgraded to the iPhone 7 and poof that milage was gone.   From there, I lost motivation to really keep track because I didn't what my mileage was when it was deleted.  Ooops!    

I've been known to start off the year with mileage that goes with the year.  Like 11 miles in 2011.    I honestly wasn't feeling like 17 miles today, so I thought a 17k would be fun.  

On the treadmill.  Talk about MIND OVER MATTER for sure!  Thank goodness for Netflix and Audio 66 wireless headphones.   The combination of the two have gotten me through tons of mileage on the treadmill!  

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions because you put so much emphasis on starting off the year and then fail one time and that resolution is out the window.  I like to set goals for the year with smaller steps along the way.  

I've run just over 1600 miles a couple of years ago and I KNOW I have more in me, so I'm upping that mileage to set a goal of 1700 miles for 2017.   I have my work cut out for me, but in building my race schedule for the year, I am pretty sure I can meet that!    I'm still working on my schedule, but I'm thinking there's a few half marathons that are going to happen, a 25k, a bike race and some 5ks and 10ks.  I'm even thinking there will be some snowshoe racing going on.  I signed up for my first snowshoe race!   

I'm not interested in any marathons this year.   However, I am toying with the idea of an Ultra in the fall.  I'm not 100% sure yet.   I'm thinking we will see how the spring goes first and then decide.    This is a big MAYBE.  

Another goal I've been working on is scaling back on commitments and spend more time with the family, smiling, laughing and just taking it in.  I quit my job at the gym.  That actually hurt more than I thought it would.  But I needed to.  I needed less commitment.   I also stepped away from my position on the MEUSATF board.  I didn't feel like I was contributing, so it was time to step away from that commitment.    So how exactly will I laugh and spend more time with the family?   Just by enjoying each day for what it is.  When Izzy wants to play "bees", a tickling game she enjoys, I'll drop everything I'm doing for 5 minutes of fun with her!  Lots of laughing, lots of smiles.  

What goals have you set for yourself?   How about you join me for the FitApproach #IAmEmpowered instagram challenge for January?   

Today's prompt: 
What is your biggest goal for 2017? Are you going to run a race, start a business, commit to a healthier lifestyle, get outside of your comfort zone? Whatever your goal may be, think about the ways in which you will empower yourself to complete this goal. Share it with us on Instagram & use the hashtag #IAmEmpowered.

Sign up for the challenge or following the hashtag #IAmEmpowered on instagram to participate and see the daily prompts!  


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