Lumo Run a 1:1 Running Coach?

You don't know how many times, just after I finish a race, Ward is telling me about how awful my form is.   In my head, my form rocks.  But, then I see race photos and listen to Ward and I know it needs help.  Like BIG time help!

A majority of the time, I run alone.  I would rather run with a partner, don't get me wrong.  But scheduling doesn't always allow it.  When I do get to run with someone, it's like a special treat!    As one of my goals this year is to "Master the Half", I know I need to zone in on my form.  Short of having Ward bike beside me and shout corrections at me (which, by the way would be super bad for our marriage),  I am not sure what else I can do.   I guess I could record my form on the treadmill. 

But now I don't have to!  I have my one 1:1 Running Coach, in the form of a simple looking running tool called Lumo Run.  

I had the opportunity to try out Lumo Run at the Boston Marathon Expo back in April.  My first impression was super excited to have a gadget give me feedback on my form that I wouldn't take personally, because, we'll it's a gadget and not a person!   Then I came across the opportunity to review Lumo Run again this fall, so of course I took advantage of that opportunity!

Let's discuss the Pros and Cons of the Lumo Run.

* It's lightweight 
* It's sweatproof/waterproof 
* Coaching while you run 
* Exercises specific to you to help you improve your form
* Connects to an app for you to see your stats
* You don't have to run with your phone

* Mileage and pace are not accurate on a treadmill 
* If you don't bring you phone for an outdoor run, won't measure you distance/pace

You can see my Pros far outweighs my Cons.  Really, when it comes to the treadmill, what really is accurate?  Even an outdoor run using a GPS watch isn't 100% accurate.  One watch will tell you one thing while another will have different mileage/pace.   So, I guess I don't really care about the mileage and pace Lumo Run gives me on the treadmill.  The treadmill screen tells me that part.  What I want out of the Lumo Run on the treadmill is the data about my run.  AND it definitely gives me that.  

But WHAT in the world does it really measure?

To learn more about each of the above mentioned, please check out Lumo Run's description here.  They do it far better than I.   

What I've gathered from my feedback is the my cadence definitely needs work.  The coaching part of the app will tell me when I'm running if I've met my goal.  So far, I've only heard it once.   I'll get there.   I know it.  

My bounce as well.   I'm close.  I didn't see much of a difference between my treadmill bounce and my road bounce, so it tells me that overall I need to work on that.  I'm good with that.  

My overall report card grade: A- 
It's a great tool and gives you quite a bit of information; however, there could be some improvements.   But not a lot.   Is it worth the $99 price tag?  Yes.   For me, it's a marriage saver.  My husband isn't giving me feedback.  It's an app giving advice which, for me, is a better way to receive constructive criticism.  

disclosure: I was sent this product through my affiliation with Beachy Media.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  



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