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July Recap

Every year we get to July 31st and I sit here and wonder where the hell did summer go?  In less than 2 weeks preseason begins for fall sports.  For my family that means double sessions of soccer for Tucker and 1 session for me with coaching cross country.    

This month I only raced 1 time.  I had signed up for the Bradbury Series in April.  It's been on my bucket list for a long time because after you complete all three races (And I will complete them.  Even if I have to crawl to complete them) you get a Badass Hoodie.  It's seriously all about the hoodie.  

Well, the people behind the race are freaking awesome too.  And I did love racing on the trails for the snowshoe series, so of course I would love racing on the trails without snow.

I didn't have anything to base my performance on which means automatic PR. Right?   The first race was a 6 mile trail race at Bradbury State Park.   It's called the Bradbury Scuffle.  I love the names!   
I finished in 58:52.  Not a ba…

I've Got Goals!

I've been super quiet lately.   For many reasons.  Anxiety was getting the best of me.   I needed to take care of me and adding anything else to my plate would definitely push me over the edge.  After a lot of soul searching and a ton of support from my family, I feel like the anxiety piece is becoming better managed.  (a future post on that) 

I'm definitely going to take the plunge and run my first ultra.  There's a 50k this fall that works perfectly with my schedule - meaning, I can do a bulk of the training this summer.  It's the Firebird 50k.  Check it out here

I was waiting to make sure I had a few solid weeks of ultra training under my belt and a good feeling about them to make the announcement.  So here it is.   It's not going to be fast.  It's going to take a long time.  But it's only about getting it done and completing my first 50k!  

This past weekend I had 10 and 12 mile runs back-to-back.   I was a little nervous about them going into the wee…