(re) Learning How to Manage My Anxiety

I received the following products through my affiliation with Quick Silver Scientific. I was not required to post a positive review.  As always all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

It's no secret.   Anxiety consumes me.   At times I'm pretty good at putting on the mask to fool everyone into thinking that I'm doing well, but at the same time, I'm having internal meltdowns.

Running saved me.  And running was enough for a long time.  Then some other issues came along in my life and running wasn't enough.  I wanted to find some kind of supplement that could hopefully help ease my anxiety.   I came across an opportunity to try out Quick Silver Scientific and I jumped on it.  

There were a variety of packages to choose from, and all felt appropriate for my life, but the one that I felt I needed the most was the stress management/relaxation package.  
This package contained: 
* Liposomal Ultra-Vitamin
* H2 Elite
* Colorado Hemp Oil
* Quintonic Isotonic 

I felt it would be best to share my experience in trying out the Quick Silver Scientific products if I could demonstrate the way I felt on a scale of 1-10.  1 being an all time low (crazy anxious) and 10 being feeling great (with no anxious feelings) and I felt like a 2 week trial would be ample to see how I liked the products I was sent.  

Day 1
Feeling like a 3.  I felt like my life was starting to get a bit crazy. It seemed as though everything at school was piling higher and higher - creating exams, keys, lesson planning, planning for next year and then track season was starting!  Oh jeez!   Everything is incredibly overwhelming.  

Day 4
I was feeling a bit more like a 5.  A little more balanced.  Not quite to what I would call "normal" but getting there.  I was feeling like I was able to manage life a little better.  

Day 7
Half way there!   I felt like a 7.   I was getting a ton of work done and feeling quite productive and a lot more calm.  

Day 10
I didn't notice a lot of difference from day 7.  Still at a level 7.  Feeling like I could continue at this level as long as I kept running.  I was feeling like I could manage life and get through the demands of the day without having a meltdown.   

Day 14
The end of the 2 week trial.   I felt like an 8.  A far cry from the beginning at a 3.   Not 100%, but definitely a huge improvement from when I started the trial.   I can definitely get through life at an 8. I would like it higher.  Wouldn't we all?!   But an 8 is manageable.  My anxiety wasn't causing me to get stuck on projects I needed to get done.  I was able to concentrate throughout the day and into the night when my kids needed me to be "on".   

Anxiety will always be part of my life.  A supplement, counseling, exercise or medication will not "cure" me.  Making sure I eat healthy, get plenty of rest and take care of me are the most important pieces in learning how to manage anxiety.    It's about learning how to manage the anxiety and not let anxiety manage me.   For a little while there, I let anxiety manage me and that was not okay.  

Here's a quick run down on the products I tried.  
The Liposomal Ultra-Vitamin is a liquid concentrate with a powerful pack of vitamins.  I regularly take vitamins and felt like the Liposomal Ultra-Vitamin is among the top runners of my vitamin supplements I will choose in the future, when it's gone.

The H2 Elite is actually a pill that you put into water and in less than 2 minutes, it's dissolved.  I think this video does a much better job at describing what it does for you.  

The Colorado Hemp Oil had me intrigued.   I've tried hemp protein powders and wear clothing made from hemp, so why not try a supplement made from hemp?  I've read quite a bit about the benefits of hemp oils helping in relieving anxiety.   Watch this video for a better description of what Colorado Hemp Oil is all about!

The final piece to the package is Quinton Isotonic, with small glass vials filled with sea water electrolytes.   I was intrigued by those little vials.  It took me a little bit to figure out how to open them.  Snap one side of the vial and put it directly over your glass. With the already snapped side on the bottom, snap the top part of the vial.  And there you go!  The vial empties into your glass.  The benefits: 
* gently detoxifies the body 
* restores optimal mineral and trace element levels 
* supports sleep and relaxation
* supports normal digestion
* keeps immune system alert 
* balances cellular nutrition 

If you use the code JB5, you will receive 5% off your order.  You can use this code as much as you want and share it with family and friends who you think would benefit from what Quick Silver Scientific has to offer.  

And remember, if you suffer from anxiety, don't let is manage you!  Learn to manage it.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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