Red Wing Iron Rangers vs Allen Edmonds: Which Is Better?

If you’re looking for some higher-end shoes, Allen Edmonds and Red Wing are two good brands to look at. There are others like Chukkas, Beckman, Viberg, White’s, Nick’s, Wesco’s, etc. Many of these brands are great and certainly have something that makes them unique to others. However, there are a lot more things to consider … Read more

October is NON-GMO Month #BESTOWED

It seems like every single time I turn around, foods are genetically modified.  It’s incredibly frustrating as a mom trying to feed my children healthy foods.  But then Bestowed comes out and focuses their October box on NON-GMO foods and I’m sold.  I was one of the lucky ones to receive a complimentary box this … Read more

Long Run Necessities

As my dreams of completing my 4th full marathon came to an end with that nagging gluteal injury, I decided to scale back and do the MDI Relay with the girls!  Next Sunday we will be heading up to MDI with two relay teams. As I recovered from my injury, I didn’t say goodbye to … Read more

Running Naked

There was a time I would turn around and go home if I forgot my beloved Garmin.  But I have found that I’ve been so focused on what the Garmin says for a pace, that I’m not listening to my body.  I tried my first “naked” run earlier this week and I loved it!  So, … Read more

I’ve Got Goals!

I’ve been super quiet lately.   For many reasons.  Anxiety was getting the best of me.   I needed to take care of me and adding anything else to my plate would definitely push me over the edge.  After a lot of soul searching and a ton of support from my family, I feel like … Read more