October is NON-GMO Month #BESTOWED

It seems like every single time I turn around, foods are genetically modified.  It’s incredibly frustrating as a mom trying to feed my children healthy foods.  But then Bestowed comes out and focuses their October box on NON-GMO foods and I’m sold.  I was one of the lucky ones to receive a complimentary box this … Read more

Long Run Necessities

As my dreams of completing my 4th full marathon came to an end with that nagging gluteal injury, I decided to scale back and do the MDI Relay with the girls!  Next Sunday we will be heading up to MDI with two relay teams. As I recovered from my injury, I didn’t say goodbye to … Read more

Running Naked

There was a time I would turn around and go home if I forgot my beloved Garmin.  But I have found that I’ve been so focused on what the Garmin says for a pace, that I’m not listening to my body.  I tried my first “naked” run earlier this week and I loved it!  So, … Read more

I’ve Got Goals!

I’ve been super quiet lately.   For many reasons.  Anxiety was getting the best of me.   I needed to take care of me and adding anything else to my plate would definitely push me over the edge.  After a lot of soul searching and a ton of support from my family, I feel like … Read more