Is Saucony A Good Brand? Find Out Here!

With so many footwear brands in the market, choosing the right sports shoes can be daunting. If you are into running, you probably have already come across the name Saucony.

The brand, owned by Wolverine Worldwide, is one of the original running shoemakers.

Despite operating since the late 19th century, the brand gained appeal in the 80s and 90s. Today, Saucony is considered one of the best brands for running gear, but is Saucony a good brand? Let’s find out!

Quality of Products

Saucony has gained a name for being an innovative brand. It produces lightweight shoes, uses the latest technologies, and ensures the design to be durable, flexible, and consistent in performance.

One of the most appreciated features among runners is Saucony’s cushioning system, a patented technology introduced using the company’s materials and designed to offer a more comfortable ride.

Saucony’s running shoes have gained the fame of being extremely durable thanks to the rubber in the outsole. The company claims that some of its models can stand up to 500 miles in perfect conditions.

Among runners, the brand is known for offering a responsive fit, perfect if you like your feet locked in tight in a running shoe.

Some of the best products

Depending on what you use your shoes for, you might require more cushioning, better support, or increased response. Saucony offers a wide variety of sports shoes, not only limited to running.

In this section, we have collected some of the best lines from the brand so that you can answer the question “Is Saucony a good brand?” for yourself.

Endorphin Pro – The Best For Racing

The carbon-fiber plate in the sole of this shoe creates an excellent energy response. That and an exceptional cushioning made out of durable foam makes for a superior running shoe.

Because none is perfect, this product also has its drawbacks. Contrary to most of Saucony’s products, this shoe does not feel as tight as the others.

Triumph 18 – Premium Cushioning

When a company is good at something, it should put some effort into becoming the best. Saucony is doing that with its cushioning technology.

Triumph 18 is the 17th iteration of a line of products offering maximum cushioning in a lightweight shoe. If you are looking for a comfortable ride with excellent energy return, this shoe is one of the best in the market.

Hurrican 23 – Best Stability

Users that need more support will enjoy this trainer. Despite offering a superior level of stability, this shoe does not feel stiff or uncomfortable. However, it is not as lightweight as other models and feels bulkier.

Is Saucony Cruelty-Free?

On the sustainability side, Saucony is using some eco-friendly and recycled materials.

However, the company does not seem to be taking action to reduce carbon emissions, eliminate hazardous chemicals, or introduce an animal welfare policy.

For instance, the company uses leather and wool in some of its products and does not seem to be very good at communicating the traceability of animal products.

So, overall, is Saucony a good brand?

If you value high-quality products and durability, you should consider Saucony one of the best brands for trainers and running shoes.

However, if you would like to support more sustainable and cruelty-free companies, Saucony might not be your best choice at this stage.