Running Naked

There was a time I would turn around and go home if I forgot my beloved Garmin.  But I have found that I’ve been so focused on what the Garmin says for a pace, that I’m not listening to my body.  I tried my first “naked” run earlier this week and I loved it!  So, I did it again later on in the week.  Again, loved it.  Today, I went out for an easy, recovery 3 miles with the husband on the rail trail and left the Garmin at home again.  Yes, folks.  3 days without the Garmin.  It feels so liberating! 

I don’t need it for mileage because I did run on the rail trail and it is well marked for mileage (every 1/4 mile), so I’m good there.  I admit, I do glance at the clock on the car dash just before walking away from the car and I check out the time again when I return, but that’s it.  No minute to minute obsession of my pace.

Ward wanted to run a little further, so he ran home from the rail trail today (an additional 3.5 miles).  Good thing he did because he found my cell phone about a half mile from the house on the side of the road.  I know you are all curious as to how my cell phone got there. When I returned from the run, I was looking through my bag and the car for my phone.  It was no where. Ugh!  Since we don’t have a landline, this is my only phone.  I grabbed Ward’s and started calling it and doing the walk around the house/yard/search.  Nothing.  I kept calling and calling and then someone answered it – Ward!  My hero!  I must have put my phone on the top of the car before we left and then just drove off.  Despite some additional scratches, it’s all good and I didn’t have to make any emergency trips  to the cell phone store.

How was your Saturday?  Do you run naked?