Race Your Thorns Off Virtual Recap

Today the Boring Runner hosted a virtual run - Race Your Thorns Off.  

It was a sunny day here in Maine & temperatures were in the 40's.  It seemed like a spring day to me.   So I went "light" today - I wore my "throw away" gloves (you know the super cheap magic gloves that cost $1), a thin shirt under my thin jacket, sunglasses, & no hat!  I opted to wear my cute Chickbands headband instead.  

my first attempt at an action shot while running -
just needed to prove we actually had sun today!

I actually left for my run after Ward got home after his 20 miler this morning and I had to retrieve his car that he left at Jill and Wade's house.  I had two options with this a 3 mile or 5 mile route.  I'm kind of bored with the 3 mile route so I opted for the 5 miler that takes me down a nice long hill and along the river.  Of course, when you go down a hill, most of the time you need to go back up a hill.  And I did.  The last part of the run was all up hill and it was tiring.  

I had to retie my shoes at this point and thought I'd show you the river view

Pepper came with me as well.  This was day 2 of running with a halti collar for her and I think she gets it now.  Our first run with the halti was last night.  I only went a mile with her to try it out, it was dark, and freezing rain and the roads were super slick.  Pepper wasn't happy about the halti and got off of it twice.  I was not happy, she wasn't happy.  The run just sucked.  Thankfully today's run was way better.  I didn't have to pull her back at all today and I was barely holding onto the leash.  She was the perfect running partner today.  

action shot of Pepper - she was quite focused and didn't want to smile for you

If I'm going to continue to run with Pepper, and I'm pretty sure I will.  I will need to get used to the mud splatter that I will have all over my legs.  Don't you love the look I had going today?  Capris with calf sleeves.  Super hot.

Total mileage:  5.1 miles - time 45:04.  

Thank you, Boring Runner for putting this race together.  Sorry, I completely forgot to print out my bib!  
But here's what it looks like.  I like that we are all #1!  

I love a successful run!  


  1. I was just warming up after my cold run and your pictures made me cold again. It took me about 15 minutes in a hot hot shower to thaw my fingers because I didn't take gloves either. It was nice and warm when I started, but as Mr. Sun started to go down, so did the temps! But the cold in Colo. isn't that damp chill to the bone cold you have so...:O) Thanks for sharing! Happy miles!

  2. Great job! Pepper is so cute while running! I'm glad you are still running with her.


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