2 days later and I’m still sore (a good sore)

Stacy and I ventured out (of our comfort range) on Monday to try out crossfit.  Our friend, Karen, is a crossfit queen and has been trying to get Stacy to come to a class for some time now.  Since it’s February vacation week and yoga was cancelled for Monday night, we had a free night.  So crossfit it was. 

At first I was very excited.  I couldn’t wait to see what crossfit was all about.  I’ve been reading plenty of blogs about crossfit exercises and have been pinning work outs left and right.   I’ve even tried to follow some crossfit videos on youtube.  The problem is that doing things at home, with a 3 year old who wants to “help” isn’t always great when I’m trying something new.  

I even shaved my legs for class.  It's winter, and I have not been wearing shorts at all, so I have been quite sporadic about shaving.  Knowing that the class was inside and knowing I was going to sweat, I was very excited to wear some shorts but that meant shaving those legs!  

But then, a few hours before class, I started to get really nervous.  I wasn't sure what I'd be doing and really, truly feared making a complete fool out of myself. 

This is from the outside.  I did not want to go inside until Stacy got there.  I am that much of a chicken when it comes to new things. 

Karen has been raving about her crossfit group and how welcoming her group was.  Indeed, her group of crossfitters were very nice and welcoming.  I didn’t feel like a complete loser. 

Drink that water!  We definitely needed it. 

Thank goodness there were only 4 other people in the class on Monday, adding in Stacy and I, and the instructor, there were 7.  Nice and small and not intimidating at all. 

I think I can, I think I can

We warmed up with some stretching.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the WOD (Workout of the Day) board.  I feel so smart right now, knowing what WOD means.  I has taken me a very long time to figure that out! 

After the warm up, Beau, our instructor, split us into 2 groups.  He split of the two newbies.  Darn!  He explained the WOD and sent us on our way.  Now, I cannot remember everything, but I’m going to do my best. 

Run – ½ mile on treadmill  (I did actually enjoy running on a treadmill again and being able to control my speed and crank it up)
Row  - 50 calories of rowing on the row machine (I always enjoyed the rowing machine at the gym during my gym days – so this part was a lot of fun)
Air Squats (easy peasy – but I believe we did 40?  Sure felt like 100 or more)
Box Jumps (we had to jump up on a box 16 high – this part was so intimidating – and 16 inches is the short box!!!  Somehow, I figured it out and managed to not fall on my face.)
Pushups (these I could handle, I started out with standard pushups but quickly switched to modified – I need to work on this)
Kettleballs (I was very excited to try these out and they rock!  You have to really focus on your form, but these are incredible!) 
Pullups (with huge bands you put one foot into and they really help you get your body up there…I needed the thickest – most support – band – yes, I needed that much help!) 

I am positive I’ve left something out.  But that’s what I get for not taking a picture and having a mom brain.  

Beau was extra nice to Stacy and I and modified our program.  Thank you, Beau.  For instance, he split the number for most of the exercises in half for us.  He also helped us with our form to make sure we were doing the workouts properly.  He was incredibly helpful. 

Are we smiling because it's over? or did we really like it?  

Overall, I truly enjoyed crossfit.   I liked rotating through the various workouts and I felt great after the workout.  The only downside is that the gym is 30 minutes away and that’s quite difficult to make happen during the week.  Hopefully I can figure out how to make it work to get to some crossfit classes this summer when I’ll have more free time. 

Thank you Karen and Beau and all of the crossfitters at New England Medical Fitness for welcoming Stacy and I into your Monday night group.  And thank you, Stacy for just being an incredible friend. 

Karen & Stacy - after the workout


  1. Yay for you two! I always wondered what WOD stood for! And I love that top you are wearing!

    1. I cannot wait to wear it all of the time when it gets warmer. I'm getting a bit tired of long sleeves right now! :)

  2. Fantastic, I remember you mentioned a while back you were going to try it out, well done you. I wish we had one close to us but they all seem to be up in London which is no good for me :-(

    1. When you have a family and it's not close, it makes it quite difficult!

  3. I really want to try it too! I'm so glad you had a good experience, it gives me hope!

    We have so many crossfit options in Rochester I just have to do some research on which one is the "best" (obviously up to personal opinion) and then see if they have an introductory course (I think that some do that to make sure you are ready before joining a regular workout).

    Oh and I figured WOD meant workout of the day, but I could have been wrong!

    1. I'd ask around to find out who is more welcoming to newbies. I've heard we have one in our area that isn't quite friendly. :( I hope you try it and share your experience too!

  4. It really was a great deal of fun! They were super nice at NEMF, and I would recommend looking for a friendly group of Crossfitters who welcome newbies into the group. Crossfit is certainly going to be on my summer list of "things to do".

    1. Oh Stacy, don't you already have a long list of things to do this summer - like BEACH time with your best friend?

  5. I'm a huge fan of Crossfit workouts! They are intense and awesome at the same time.

    1. I am going to have to find a way to make it part of my routine!

  6. Replies
    1. Beau took it easy on us and it was intense! It makes me want to be better and stronger, that's for sure!

  7. I've really been wanting to try Crossfit. Intimidates the crap out of me but at the same time I really want to!

  8. nevermind my other comment!! LOL you can see i'm playing catchup on all my blogs! :)


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