Simple Black Bean Burgers

Over the summer, I made some delicious black bean burgers.  The flavor was amazing and I remember them being so easy to make.  However, for some reason, I'm having a hard time finding that recipe.  I just started craving them again, I think because I'm craving summer to get here NOW.  I guess the black bean burgers will have to do.  This time, I got creative and came up with my own version of black bean burgers and I added in quinoa.  If you also want to try healthy cooking, there are online courses on culinary arts that can help you.

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

  • ½ can black beans, rinsed & drained
  • ½ c panko
  • 1 sm egg
  • ¼ c quinoa, 1 cup water (I used the tricolor from Trader Joes)
  •  a handful of parmesan cheese
  • spinach

- prepare quinoa by rinsing first, then add to saucepan on stove with water and cook for about 10 minutes
- while the quinoa is cooking, add the rest of the ingredients into a food processor - blend evenly until you get a thick mix
- when the quinoa is complete, combine with the black bean mixture - I used my hands here because the mixture was quite thick
- next I formed the patties - I got three out of this batch
- saute some spinach with a splash of olive oil, then remove and cool
- add the patties to the pan, on low, to "brown" - it took about 3 minutes on each side
- remove the patties, lay on top of the spinach



  1. those look yummy!
    going to make soon hopefully

  2. Oh my that looks and sounds delicious. Something I imagine I could even pull off (I don't cook lol). Just pinned it @angienewton

  3. mmmm I'm craving summer too! Sounds delicious!

  4. these look yummy. I even have some quinoa and black beans in my pantry. maybe we'll do this tonight for dinner. :)

  5. Still have never had Quinoa! But those look yummy! I love black beans.

  6. oh mi gosh! those look AMAZING. nom!

  7. Those look good. I think I will try your recipe.

  8. I don't have pinterest but I think you;ll get lots for these masterpieces :) YUM!

  9. Those are so pretty! I love all the colors that the quinoa adds. I bet I could get my carnivore husband to eat them, too.

    Pinned it, too :)


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