After Dinner Run

This is going to be a little backward.  On Thanksgiving Day I ran 2 races.  One official 5k in the morning (post coming tomorrow) and then an after dinner "virtual" race with the husband.  I was completed wiped out after running the 5k in the morning and had just about decided I was not going to get in my 2nd run of the day until Ward woke up from his nap - yes, lucky him, and he asked "wanna go for a run" and my response was "okay".  He completely twisted my arm.  Can't you tell?  

We were still at my in-laws house and the kids were having fun with their grandparents, so this was also a date run and my virtual race for Kiley at Daily Vitamin F's Thanksgiving Race.  We don't get many of those.  It was absolutely freezing and the capris I had packed weren't going to cut it, so I decided to wear my compression socks on the run.  

See?  Running fashionista here.  

Ward and I ran around Brunswick and Topsham and had a great time talking. Something we don't get to do a lot of either with his crazy work schedule lately.  We even found a new little paved path in Topsham.  Even in the dark we knew it was a great little place.  Maybe someday we'll return there in the daylight.  We also ran across a little foot bridge.  It was so cool running over the river at night and seeing the lights of the fort and the town from where we were.  I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out very well.  

In all, our date night run was 6 miles in 50:54 and full of incredible conversations with my husband.  


  1. Love! So great to run with you and Jill this morning...I absolutely live for my Sunday runs with you of the best parts of my week. xo

  2. So pleased you got in a nice run with your husband. I can just barely talk when I WALK with mine. Uninterrupted conversation is just rare, isn't it.

  3. WOW you're super fast! I would love to run 6 miles in that time....and CAN I PLEASE HAVE THOSE TIGHTS! lol

  4. Fun! Love the running capris by the way:)

  5. Hey! greaaat run!
    Those tights - I love!

  6. Amazing that you got two runs in Thanksgiving.
    Cannot wait to be up and running again.
    I did walk a 5K though and at least that was some exercise.
    P.S.- You tights are fabulous!

  7. I am so in love with those capris, I love them more everytime I see them. Maybe they will be a birthday present to myself :) Great job with two runs!

  8. What a fun run together! Allan and I ran together too but that was really me running in front and him following me while he listened to his music.


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