My Week in Training

This past week was week #5 of my marathon plan.  I've been using the Hansons Marathon Method, and I'm feeling great!  I am quite pleased that I'm following the plan and doing the speed workouts in the plan and I'm really taking it easy for my easy days.  I'm looking forward to the next 11 weeks of this plan and to see how I perform at Sugarloaf on May 19th.  

Here's a quick look at my week in training:


6 "easy" miles + 20 min of Best Body Bootcamp


Scheduled rest day - so I took an hour to try out cathe's Cardio Leg Blast.  Wow!  This workout was tough and I was exhausted afterwards.  It truly gave me a great workout.  If you are looking for a fabulous workout that concentrates on your legs, this is the one for you.  I am quite partial to this one as I know adding more strength to my legs will only help me as a runner.  


5 miles of intervals on the treadmill at school then 2 miles of cool down waiting for the bus.  


7.2 "easy" miles + 20 minutes of Best Body Bootcamp
I decided that for my birthday, I'd run just a little more for the day, but split it into 2 runs.  Since I turned 36, I thought 3.6 miles in the morning and 3.6 miles in the afternoon seemed appropriate.  


6 tempo miles on the treadmill, 1 mile w/u, then 1 mile c/d waiting for the bus again


6 easy miles + 20 minutes of Best Body Bootcamp

This week's mileage - 34 (with 12 on the schedule for tomorrow morning), bringing my grand total to 46 miles!  It's only going to get higher in the next few weeks.  

February Mileage - 148 miles.  

How's your training going?  


  1. So much for "your running more than me"...that didn't last long. You are doing great!!! I can't wait to see how Sugarloaf goes for you!

  2. I'm exhausted after reading this!!!

  3. Awesome week or training!!!!


  4. You are so hardcore!! And look what you did to those new shoes! Great runs, again you continue to awe me!

  5. Wow - great week of training! What did you think of the Virrata?

  6. I am also running sugarloaf marathon!! See you there!

  7. Great week! I wish I would have got the Xtrain video instead, I was not overly impressed with mine as a workout except for the abs bonus part.

  8. I'm using parts of the Hanson method and I live it! I can't do everything exactly because I'm training with a group but I have felt so much stronger! I'm so happy that you are living it too!

  9. Great job this week, Jen! Pepper is so cute in all of those photos.

    Our training is going well, I think we're on week 8 of marathon training. Maybe. Next Monday start Half Ironman training too.

  10. Great job this week! Pepper looks like a perfect little sidekick for your runs.


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