Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just a minor setback....

and that's the story I'm sticking with.  If it's in print, it's got to be true, right?

I blogged about that awful, lingering fever last week and thought I was back.   I had a pretty good stretch of some kick butt speed workouts last week, then a 12 miler, and BAM, that's awful fever was back!  

It left me quite frustrated this time.  Another fever?  Seriously?  Why?  Perhaps I pushed too hard coming back.   So this time, I took Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off.   I even took 1/2 of Monday off from work.  I made it to about 10:30 and couldn't function.  So I found coverage for the rest of my classes and headed home.  Just as I was getting to my car, my phone rang.  It was the school nurse at Tucker's school.  He had a fever and needed to come home.

Part of me was kind of relieved he was sick, which meant I was really (still) sick.  I retrieved him from school and we just napped and took it easy.

Tuesday, I felt far better.  Actually I felt awesome.   But around noon, I received a call from Tucker's school nurse again.  This time, he slipped on some snow on the playground and couldn't put any weight on his foot.  After 3.5 hours at the ER, we finally got the news - he fractured his ankle.

Hanging out with him all that time, seeing how calm and relaxed he was, I realized how freaking amazing my son is.   Seeing him, watching him, I realized that he is dealing with this injury FAR better than I dealt with a stupid fever.   For me, I just missed on a few runs.  For him, he's missing out on travel soccer that is supposed to start next week.  Not just a few games, but the entire season.  Okay, I'm not going to whine anymore.

Monday, March 25, 2013

What's Under My Bed?

Brian at the Pavement Runner is hosting a link up today about what we have in our Fitness Closets.   Because my closet isn't very large, my fitness clothing is under my bed.

I have them somewhat organized, but they are definitely not folded.  There is no time for that.  I'm happy just as long as they make it back into the right basket.  

In my Long Sleeved basket - I have my favorite long sleeved race t's,  race jacket, and other long long sleeved t's.

The long sleeved collection gets rotated through quite often from October to April.  Then I normally pack a few away in a tote and put them in the attic for the warmer months.  I will leave a few out just because this is Maine and it can still get chilly.

My short sleeved and tank collection is rather slim right now because the bulk of them are in a tote somewhere in the attic. I suppose I'll have to get into the attic shortly to check out what I have in there.  It's always nice to see some reappearances at the end of a long, cold winter.

My shoes are another story.  I need a better system for them.  Right now they are in a pile on the bottom of my closet.  Which is good, I guess, because I didn't realize I had this many pairs of shoes.  After I took this picture, I realized I had to get rid of some.   After some careful consideration, I decided to part with two pairs.

I only parted with the last two pairs in the back row - my first ever racers- Asics DS Racers and my Brooks ST Racers.  They are definitely done for.  However, I cannot bring myself to part with any others at this time.  Each shoe serves a different purpose.  

This isn't it folks.  I still have my running jackets, gloves, mittens, headbands, hats, and other running accessories.  But I keep those items downstairs by the door.  That's another post for another time.

I sure do have quite a bit of running clothes and I only want to buy more.  I have zero interest in buying work clothes right now.  I guess we all have that problem.

So, dear readers, where do you keep your running/workout clothes?  Are you obsessed as well?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#cathe ROCKS!

Marathon training takes up quite a bit of time.  When I'm not working or taking care of the kids, I'm usually running, sleeping, or eating.  This doesn't leave a whole lot of time to do other things - like biking or cross training dvds.  I've had a few opportunities to try out my newest Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast, but never the entire dvd at one time.

Today, I had an entire hour to do the entire dvd and I am sore.  I great sore for sure.   I thought the Cardio Leg Blast was perfect for me, to build more strength in my legs to make me a stronger, hopefully faster runner.  I'm thinking if I stick to this dvd, I will definitely, without a doubt, be a stronger, faster runner.  Cathe's dvd is an upbeat, challenging workout that left me feeling even stronger.

I will note that I didn't have all of the equipment that was listed as needed - so I just improvised.  Instead of the risers, I pulled out a low bench that we have.  It wasn't perfect, but worked well enough.  And I didn't have the Firewalker Loop - which looked like a big elastic band to put around your ankles.  I just went through the motions without the loop.  Maybe I'll get one in the future, but for now, I'm good.

- warm up really warmed up the muscles
- the workout itself was 41 minutes (and 15 seconds) - and was jam packed
- the main menu allows you to pick and choose workouts from the dvd if you are short on time, which is what I've been doing up until today
- the bonus workout at the end are so intense!  The 12:30 core workout is so intense, I've only made it to 8 minutes.  My goal is to get through the entire 12:30.
- Cathe also has two 100 rep challenges in the end - and I love them!  So intense.  And I can do them without the dvd

- equipment that was needed are not always things that people have at home - like the Firewalker Loop and Step with 3 Risers.

Cathe has several lines of dvd's you should check out.  The next one I want to try is her Stretch/Yoga dvd.  Check out the selection here.

Disclaimer:  I was provided this DVD to review through FitFluential.  All opinions expressed in my blog are 100% my own.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm Back!

I didn't go anywhere.  I wish.  But I've had a fever since Friday and my last run was Friday morning.  I was scheduled to run 7 easy miles and I was only able to manage 5 painful, dizzy, miles.   I felt off for the rest of the day, I thought perhaps I was feeling off maybe due to the excitement of getting into those awesome races.  But Friday night it finally dawned on me that I felt flush and had been feeling rather flush all day.  So I took my temperature and that darned thermometer read 102F!  Grrrrr.....

Because I am getting better at listening to my body, I heard it loud and clear with a temp, so I didn't run on Saturday or Sunday.  I rested, took care of myself, hydrated, ate, took medicine, but yet my temp stayed between 101 and 102.  I stayed home from school yesterday, and still didn't feel better.

Today, Maine got hit by a snow storm which meant a bonus day off for me and the rest of the state.  But by 10 am, I was feeling awesome and dying to get in a run.  I wasn't about to run out in the snow storm because the wind was quite brutal and I wasn't about to get ice pellets in the eyes again.  So, I made, sweet talked Ward, into joining me at the gym for a short run.  He made me promise I wouldn't go crazy on my first day back.  So we agreed on 3 miles.

3 miles felt perfect.  I wanted to continue to run but I knew it wouldn't be in my best interest knowing I was just getting back to my normal self.

 also need to mention - my new Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris came on Saturday and it took all the strength I had to not go out for a run in them.  Of course I've worn them every single day since them, just walking around and dreaming about what it would be like to run in them.  Today I lived that dream.  They felt fabulous.  So soft and cushy, more cushioning that I ever imagined being in a super lightweight, zero drop shoe.  They definitely made a great first impression.  I plan on getting in many more runs in these shoes.

I am a little sad that I missed on some training runs, but in the grand scheme of things, missing 3 days isn't going to be detrimental to my race.  In reality, if I had pushed myself to do those runs, I would have done more damage and I'd probably still be sick.  

On the funny side, as we arrived in the parking lot to the gym, Ward realized he had forgotten his running shoes at home.  He was wearing huge winter boots, so running in those was not going to happen.  I suggested he go back home and get his shoes, but he refused.  He found his old (probably 7 year old) Crocs in the back of the car.  And because I told him he was silly for thinking he could run in them, he felt the need to prove me wrong.  He asked Ron at the gym for some rubber bands and got creative.

or just desperate.....

What is the craziest footwear you've ever worn to run in?  I don't think I could ever run in Crocs.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Randomness on a Saturday

I have a whole lot of running new to share with you.  First and foremost, yesterday was a big race day for me (and a lot of people I know).  Yesterday, at 7 am, the Beach to Beacon 10k registration opened, and then closed 4:58 later.  Not 4 hours and 58 minutes, 4 minutes and 58 seconds later.  Craziness.  How many people exactly registered for this race in record time?  4,000 people!  And I'm in!  Ward is too.  And many more of my friends got in too.  It was so much fun to watch facebook light up yesterday with many of my friends proclaiming their acceptance into this race!

Now, why on earth is this race so exciting?  There are a multitude of reasons.
For me, #1: the brains and organizer behind this race is Joan Benoit Samuelson.  My idol.

#2: the race takes place in a beautiful coastal town in Southern Maine - Cape Elizabeth and ends at my mom's most favorite lighthouse.  It's always emotional for me to enter the gates to the park that leads to the lighthouse.   Mostly because the pain is going to end momentarily and then because I think of my mom.

#3:  I took last year off from this race and spectated and cheered on my favorite running friends.  It was quite a bit of fun to cheer on everyone, but I had so much runner's envy, that I decided that I needed to run this race this year.

So, at 6:50 am yesterday morning, I woke Ward up from his beauty sleep, and opened up my laptop and went to the site.  While I sat there, hitting the refresh, over and over again until I saw the glorious "register" button appear on the website, I got my credit card ready to go.  A successful registration means fast fingers on the keyboard and no mistakes!  I didn't want my registration to be thrown out due to a wrong number!  When I finished I threw my hands in the air and cheered for myself.  I am a freak. Then I watched Ward struggle on his iPad and held my breath for him.  I would have felt bad if he hadn't made it in.  But when he did, we high-fived and congratulated ourselves for being weirdos that were excited to spend $100 in seconds for a race.   If you live in the area of are going to travel to Maine around 8/3/13, you can still try to get into the race.  There is a lottery process going on right now.

Then I got in my car and raced off to a conference.  Thank goodness for the conference, because I was somewhat distracted by the information being presented while I had to wait until noon to find out if my application was accepted to run the Best Race Ever - otherwise known as the Great Cranberry Island Ultra Marathon.

Then at noon, I refreshed my email and BOOM - there was the email!  I was in!  Now I have to officially register, I will.  I just need to decide how many people I'm bringing with me and how many lobster dinners I'm going to buy.  That decision has to be made in the next few days.  I don't want to wait too long!

Now - that I'm IN 2 awesome races - let's look at the dates:  31.1 miles on July 27th, 2013 and then 1 WEEK LATER I'll be lining up with over 6,000 other runners to run 6.2 miles.  What was I thinking?  What I'm thinking is that I'm a loon....and I have a problem.  And that I love running so much, I couldn't say no to either one, so why the hell not?  Right?  

I saw my chiropractor yesterday for my monthly adjustment and she informed me that I was a wreck.  That my hips were completely out of whack, not to mention I've had a bit of a pain starting to brew in my foot and calf.  She worked on me and did her miracle thing - then she asked what races I had coming up.  I told her that Sugarloaf was in 9 weeks.  And then she asked about the "rest"....and I was still excited I started talking about Beach to Beacon and Great Cranberry Island - and how I'll be running back and forth on an island 15 times in the middle of summer.  She just looked at me and said I was nuts.  Yes, I am completely nuts.  And I'm excited by this!

Next up, some new, beautiful shoes came to my door today and I put them on right away.

I love new shoes and I have high hopes for them.  But I'm nervous.  They are women's shoes...but the forefoot is quite wide and there seems to be plenty of room.  I'll know for sure if they are for me after I run in them on Monday.  I wanted so badly to lace up and go for a run, but I'm sick right now.  I have a throbbing headache and a fever.  Grrr.  Given my history with fevers, there is no way I'm going to push it right now and I decided to just take the day off completely.

a snapshot of my text with Stacy today

1 missed training run isn't going to kill my marathon plan.  I've got to listen to my body. And yes, I did cry for a bit.  I really have a problem.  I need to get a grip!  Do you get upset when you can't run due to being sick?  Silly question, I know you do.  :)

Now I hope I'm feeling good enough to take on 14 miles tomorrow.  But I promise that if I'm not feeling better, I won't push it and I'll stop.  As much as I don't want to do it, I think I'm going to be safe and do the mileage on the treadmill so if I do start feeling badly, I can stop immediately.  I was really hoping to get outside since the weather is getting nicer and nicer.  Oh well.  There will be plenty of time for gorgeous outside runs.

How's your training going?  Got any new shoes lately?  Do you run to your camera as soon as you get new shoes and do a photo shoot like me?  Or am I just crazy?  Oh, wait, I am.

Happy Saturday!  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Have An Announcement!

2 months ago I was given the opportunity to review Diet-to-Go's meals.  I enjoyed every single bite of those meals. Diet-to-Go's meals were completely satisfying and came in a variety of delicious, tasty meals that were quite convenient to prepare.  They were perfect for my busy mornings and lunches, when I have zero time to prepare anything.

I am also drawn to Diet-to-Go as they promote a common sense approach to healthy living and weight loss.  They do not promote fad diets, diet pills, or other plans to focus on punishment.   I have always found that taking a common sense approach to healthy living leads to a more permanent change for the positive.

With that said, I am pleased to announce that I am Diet-to-Go's new ambassador!  

Diet-to-Go is hosting a Tweetathon this weekend.  It starts on Saturday, 3/16/13 at 9 am and will continue on for 32 hours, or until Sunday, 3/17/13, at 5 pm.  This will be a fantastic opportunity to chat with people from all around the country about a common-sense approach to weight loss and developing healthy eating habits.

Please join us in the tweetathon.  Everyone who participates will be entered for a chance to win some great prizes.  Diet-to-Go will be giving away:

  • $100 Amazon Gift Cards (5 in all)
  • Week's worth of Diet-to-Go meals (2 per day, 4 total).  

The only way you can win is to join in on the discussion.  Anyone can join in on the tweetathon.  All you need to do is follow @diettogo and use the hastags #diettogo and #tweetathon. Check out their blog about the tweetathon as well!  

I am looking forward to tweeting with you this weekend!

Disclaimer:  As a Diet-to-Go Ambassador, I am being compensated for this campaign.  All of my opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Want To Get Dirty

Running an obstacle race has been one of those races I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  Add in some mud, in the middle of the summer, in the Boston area, and the name Dirty Girl and I am sold. 

A few highlights of what The Dirty Girl 5k is about:
-       women only
-       for all ages and athletic abilities
-       untimed, obstacle course
-       teams are encouraged
-       music
-       adult beverages post race

Now if you want a good laugh, check out the names of the 12 obstacles you will find along the course.  The names make me a little nervous but make me laugh even more.  I cannot wait to get down and dirty with my girls with these obstacles. 
- Stairway to Heaven
- Networking
- Utopian Tubes
- Get Over Yourself!
- You Go Girl!
- PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff)
- Runaway Bride
- Amaze Yourself!
- Down and Dirty
- Dirty Dancing
- Funky Monkey

I’ll be doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run in the Boston area on July 13, 2013. Dirty Girl is offering my friends and readers a 20% discount of the race fee for the Boston Event.  Use the code: DGBOSBLOGGUEST when registering. 

I have already gotten Stacy to commit to the race, who else is going to join me and get muddy? 

To find out more about Dirty Girl:

Disclaimer:    In exchange for promoting the race, I have received a free race entry.  All opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Find Your Strong with the new Saucony Virrata

Anyone who is in the midst of training for a marathon or who has trained for a marathon before knows that it's almost a second "job".  A job that I love, but a job, nevertheless.   Marathon training requires a significant amount of time commitment.  And with that, comes a significant amount of miles put onto your shoes.  The past couple of weeks of my marathon training has had me logging in over 40 miles per week.  That's quite a bit of mileage for my legs and feet and I don't want to just do that in any old shoe.  With this kind of mileage, I only want to put my feet into shoes that I know will treat my body well.  Shoes are only one component to training, but they are quite an important piece to the training puzzle.

I am beside myself with happiness that I was selected to try out the new Saucony Virratas.  I've been running in them consistently for the past couple of weeks and have just over 90 miles logged in them already.  They've quickly become my go-to shoe.

Our town uses a mix of sand and salt on the roads in winter weather, which leads to dirty runs when it's not snowing.  Its quite common for me to come home with dirt splattered up and down my legs, especially when I run with Pepper.  The day my Virratas came was a day where I was definitely going to get dirty on my run.  Part of me didn't want to get them dirty, the other part of me knew if I waited for a day where I wasn't going to get them filthy, I'd be waiting forever.   Or at least until May.  Knowing I couldn't wait that long, I laced up my Virratas and took off.

I was impressed with my Virratas from the start.  They were super cushy and my feet felt fantastic during and after the run.  I didn't have any weird rubbing in my trouble spots.  I do need to mention that I received the men's Virratas because I've come to realize that I need wide shoes to accommodate my wide feet and bunions.  But even when wearing men's shoes, I've experienced rubbing.  That did not happen wearing my Virratas.

- 6.5 oz
- zero drop
- wide foot bed, quite accommodating for my wide feet and provides me with a stable, comfortable run
- uppers are complete mesh and open, allowing for flexibility and great comfort
- great performance on the road, mud, slush, snow, and treadmill - making it an all around awesome shoe!

- the tread on the bottom is quite wide and I have had to stop two times to take rocks out of them
- women's shoes do not come in a wide, yet.  Here's hoping that Saucony will make them soon! (please!)

A word of caution with zero drop shoes.  If you are not already running in zero drop shoes, I urge you to take the necessary steps to ease into a zero drop shoe.  I've been running in zero drop shoes for a couple of years now and I switch back and forth between zero drop, 4mm, and 8 mm shoes, so my calves are acclimated now.  I wouldn't want you to injure yourself by going full force in zero drop shoes.

Disclaimer: Saucony sent me the Virrata shoes in part of the Fitfluential Ambassador Program. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Week in Training

This past week was week #5 of my marathon plan.  I've been using the Hansons Marathon Method, and I'm feeling great!  I am quite pleased that I'm following the plan and doing the speed workouts in the plan and I'm really taking it easy for my easy days.  I'm looking forward to the next 11 weeks of this plan and to see how I perform at Sugarloaf on May 19th.  

Here's a quick look at my week in training:


6 "easy" miles + 20 min of Best Body Bootcamp


Scheduled rest day - so I took an hour to try out cathe's Cardio Leg Blast.  Wow!  This workout was tough and I was exhausted afterwards.  It truly gave me a great workout.  If you are looking for a fabulous workout that concentrates on your legs, this is the one for you.  I am quite partial to this one as I know adding more strength to my legs will only help me as a runner.  


5 miles of intervals on the treadmill at school then 2 miles of cool down waiting for the bus.  


7.2 "easy" miles + 20 minutes of Best Body Bootcamp
I decided that for my birthday, I'd run just a little more for the day, but split it into 2 runs.  Since I turned 36, I thought 3.6 miles in the morning and 3.6 miles in the afternoon seemed appropriate.  


6 tempo miles on the treadmill, 1 mile w/u, then 1 mile c/d waiting for the bus again


6 easy miles + 20 minutes of Best Body Bootcamp

This week's mileage - 34 (with 12 on the schedule for tomorrow morning), bringing my grand total to 46 miles!  It's only going to get higher in the next few weeks.  

February Mileage - 148 miles.  

How's your training going?