Holding Myself Accountable + Giveaway

I admit it.  I'm a number junkie.  When I'm running, I'm constantly running numbers  through my head "my pace is...",  "I have xxx more laps to do", "wow, my VO2Max is 167", "If I run xxx today, then I have xxx more to run this week to meet my goal."  

We're all guilty.  But it's a healthy kind of obsession.  I think so anyway.  To be honest, I'm getting older, and my memory isn't like it was.  I totally blame it on the kids.  They are memory suckers.  

I still love them to pieces though!  

I've tried many a recording methods - notebook, websites, apps, and now a personalized running log custom made just for me by journalMENU!!!   I've got to say, I'm a huge fan of tracking my running with this running journal!    This is what Erica came up just for me from my blog.... my logo and purple....and a shoe print.  Perfect!  

A quick glance at the book - brings out many great highlights:  

Along with a half marathon and marathon training plan as well.   I like them because they are great starting places.  And if you are interested in upping your 5k training plan after completing a Couch to 5k program - this 5k plan rocks!  

And SMART goals!  The best way to set goals and stick to them! I love SMART goals!  

For the additional numbers in your fitness life!  Mark your progress! 

Plus SO MUCH MORE!  I can't show you all of the bells and whistles!  I want you to want to buy one of these fabulous running journals for yourself and your friends.  

I love the weekly journal parts....sometimes I'm horrible at tracking my food.  Sometimes I'm great at it.  Then there are times my track workout recordings go all over the place.  Oops!   

But I wanted to track my progress.  :)  

My journalMENU has offered one of my awesome readers .... that would be YOU...the chance to win your own journalMENU.  That is super generous and I cannot wait to see who wins and which menu they choose!  

Giveaway begins tonight (5/26/15) and ends 6/5/15.  Good luck!!!!

disclaimer: I was provided a journalMENU as part of a review.  I was not required to post a positive review.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.


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