Why do I run?

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jen and I am addicted to running.  I run because I love the high I feel when I'm out there.  I love seeing my pace improving with each race.  I love going on long runs with the girls.

Maine 1/2 Marathon - October 2010
In this picture, there are 3 sets of married couples - Joe & Jess, Ward & myself, Jill & Wade.  

I started off slowly, by going to the gym and biking or doing the elliptical, but that was boring. Then I began running on the treadmill. It was okay at first, but that got boring too. The only thing I liked about the treadmill was that there was a tv right in front of me and and I could actually watch what I wanted for as long as I was running. I began with some 5K's, which were very slow and painful. Then I took on a couple of 10k's. I think the turning point for me with running was at the Beach to Beacon in 2009. In one month's time, I shaved 7 minutes off of my 10K time! This past October, I completed my first half marathon and now I am eyeing up my first full marathon in the fall of 2011!

December 2010 - Jingle Bell 5K (the 5K that really wasn't a 5K) - but it was fun!  

I'm not a very fast runner.  I don't think I'll be a fast runner.  Perhaps if I actually tried to run in high school instead of taking the easy route and tanning on the throwing field, this might be a different story. For the first time in my life, I've actually won a few awards for running.   I didn't win these trophies at a big race like the B2B.  Those trophies are for the Kenyans.   I believe the races that I actually won a trophy or plaque each had less than 60 runners.

January Thaw "winners" 1/22/11 - Ward is in the back row with the puffy green jacket, I'm in the
front with the white sunglasses & Stacy is right beside me in the black hat.  Go us!

I cannot end this post without telling you that the person responsible for my running is my husband.  He's been a runner since junior high.  (The exact junior high school where I now teach!)  He's been fit and thin the entire time we've been together - all 12 years.

Maine 1/2 Marathon - Ward (way, way, way ahead of me)

See what I mean?  Fit! 

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